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Mikra Sternthought

Informacje z Book of Tomorrow vol 3 (opis Farram)

„Nie patrz na to! Cholera, uciekaj! I nie patrz na to!”

Mikra, a human in her thirties, is one of the most respected caravan leaders in Farram. She is not an adept, but this is an advantage in the Badlands, where adepts are sometimes too noticeable or getting emotionally strained when merging their spirits with this place.

Mikra’s recipe for survival is simple: she doesn’t take any unnecessary risks, and refers to earn her money by scouting and not with kaer exploring or monster hunting. She is even more cautious since her daughter was born two years ago. The girl’s father was a questor of Jaspree from Trosk, who vanished without a trace after leaving for Kaer Hewdor. Mikra has no illusions about his fate, but on her travels, she still catches herself occasionally searching for hints regarding what happened with her mate.

She usually entrusts her daughter to Odruk when she is out of town. She is a regular in the Lizardhead Inn.

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